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Prayer Request for a Baby



So I’m at the hospital and just met a little girl name Nevaeh; which is Heaven spelled backwards. She has a twin sister with the name Heaven…

Her brain wasn’t fully developed, so it’s been causing her some problems; but she’s hanging in there.

Please pray for that precious little girl.

The Results of Your Fasting and Prayers

Pope Francis calls for worldwide prayer and fasting for peace over the weekend, Catholics and others comply, and look what happens:

Syria Accepts Russian Proposal on Weapons

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My friend is 5 months pregnant and has just found out that there is a complication with her pregnancy. There is every chance that what is going on will remain harmless but there is also every chance that it won’t. Can I please ask for prayers of healing and strength over her body? And protection for the baby? Thank you!!

Prayer Request

Please pray for my daughter, Lovely Loretta? She has been very ill for several weeks. I would appreciate prayers for us to grow in faith through this and that the doctors finally resolve what is going on.

I would also appreciate reblogs for more prayers. Thank you!

When you see this post, reblog and say a Hail Mary for the end of abortion.
Pray for St Rose of Lima, a Life Teen parish, in Newtown, CT. They were just evacuated during Mass because of a bomb threat.


What is going on with all this madness!!??!?!!!?!?!?! 

And then there’s this, about a threat the day before:

It’s the second threat in as many days for St. Rose, according the Washington Post. On Saturday, the church displayed posters for parishioners to express their grief. However, an unknown prankster wrote, “This is just round one,” on one of them, the pastor said.

A World In Chaos

I’m assuming everyone is following the news, both overseas news and the campus evacuations in the United States. Even if the campus evacuations turn out to be a prank, it’s still a sign of how things are.

It looks like a day to be deep in prayer, for all who are able.



A dear friend of mine’s father has just passed away in a car crash.

Please pray for the repose of his soul and for my friend and her family please.

Thank you.

I’m praying!

Prayer request for a new Bishop


“This Sunday (Second Sunday after Pascha, Sunday of the Myrrhbearers), a new bishop will be ordained in our church. I am aware that you probably do not belong to my specific group of Orthodoxy, but our bishops’ decisions impact all of us Orthodox Christians everywhere.

So please, play for Hieromonk Gregory (God willing, future Bishop Gregory). He is Georgian, and he speaks Georgian, Spanish, Russian, and English.

God bless. Christ is Risen!”

(Submitted by creamedsugar)

He is risen indeed!

Attention Prayer Warriors:


Siobhan (thatothersmaybelovedmorethani) just let me know that her friend’s friend Laura posted on some website that she’s going to commit suicide. Please pray.