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Prayer Request for a Baby



So I’m at the hospital and just met a little girl name Nevaeh; which is Heaven spelled backwards. She has a twin sister with the name Heaven…

Her brain wasn’t fully developed, so it’s been causing her some problems; but she’s hanging in there.

Please pray for that precious little girl.


This is just a reminder that  I have my “ask” open to anybody for questions about Catholicism that I will be discussing between Easter and Pentecost. Is there anything you have trouble understanding about Church teachings? Are you having difficulty explaining certain teachings to others? Is there something you just want to learn more about?

Are you wondering how to grow more deeply in your faith? We can discuss that, too.

I might also ask YOU questions during this time!

Remember, the questions you ask now will probably not be answered until the period between Easter and Pentecost. Though you can ask using your Tumblr name or anonymous, your questions will be kept anonymous.

Are You Insane?

“To overlook God’s presence is not simply to be irreligious; it is a kind of insanity, like overlooking anything else that is actually there… . God is not only a fact of religion: he is a fact. Not to see him is to be wrong about everything, which includes being wrong about one’s self.”

From Theology and Sanity, by Frank Sheed

"A Christianity that believes it has no other function than to be completely in tune with the spirit of the times has nothing to say and no meaning to offer."

From Co-Workers of the Truth, by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger.

Malaysian Flight Crashed..Confirmed by Vietnamese Navy, Denied by Malasian Airlines

I can’t even begin to comprehend how frightening it was for the passengers, or the nightmare their loves ones are going through now.

Praying for God’s mercy on their souls, and for their loved ones to find God’s peace.

Malaysian Flight Crashed

Malaysian Airlines Denies Crash

Latest on Malaysian Plane

There are conflicting reports about a signal picked up. Just want you all to know, in case you first read that one WAS picked up.

"Vietnamese media reported that authorities have detected signals from a missing Malaysia Airlines flight off the southwestern coast of Vietnam on Saturday, hours after the flight went missing during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing."

That’s all I can find at the moment.

Vietnam Detects Signals From Missing Plane


No Signal Picked Up From Missing Plane

Urgent Prayer Request

A Malaysian plane heading for Beijing is missing, and Malaysian air has lost contact. It was supposed to land around 3 hours ago, and never arrived.

If it wasn’t hijacked, then it is truly bad news because eople are saying it would be out of fuel by now.

239 on board. Praying for everyone involved.

Say a prayer for me.

My daughter will be home!!!!

Losing God

"When a person loses God, he can no longer be genuinely himself because he has lost the fundamental norm of his existence."

"If God does not exist, nothing will be as it is now; everything will proceed from emptiness and revert to emptiness."

From Co-Workers of the Truth by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger.